The (not so) hidden cost of temporary agency management

Victoria Crisp

19 June 2022

2 min read

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An exciting video of our CEO, Novo Constare showcasing our unique Flex Plus solution has been published this week. It’s an exclusive opportunity to hear about our unique solution directly from one of our founders.

Novo explores the key staffing challenges businesses face today.

  • Spiraling costs in money and time
  • Difficulty maintaining consistency and quality
  • Lack of visibility

And the undeniable impact they have on businesses and their ability to grow. The worst part? It’s a burden that is completely avoidable with the right solution.

Indeed Flex is here to help

Seeing the challenges and frustrations in the temporary job industry, Indeed Flex was founded. The vision was clear, to simplify and speed up the hiring process for both job seekers and employers, and connect them directly.

Beyond that, Indeed Flex was developed to tackle wider issues in workforce management as a whole – using technology.

Introducing Flex Plus

Flex Plus is our digital end-to-end workforce management solution. This gives organizations the tools to:

  • Quickly onboard and offer shifts to their own employees, reducing agency dependency and spend
  • Access the Indeed Flex Marketplace, a pool of 165,000 pre-qualified temporary workers (Flexers)
  • Use our smart-matching system to find suitable, local Flexers to fill shifts
  • Onboard their own agencies or tap into our agency network for additional shift coverage for hard-to-fill locations
  • View and analyze the performance and cost of their entire blended workforce through a single digital platform

If you’re looking to take action on these vital challenges in contingent workforce management today, book a demo here.