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Instant access to a wide range of jobs and schedules, earn bonuses and benefits, and build the skills to further your career.

We put you, the job seeker, in control


Instant access to work


Choose when and where you work


Grow your skills


Unlock desirable opportunities


Choose when you get paid


Earn benefits and bonuses

Access work instantly

Our mobile-first platform places the control to instantly access an extensive range of jobs in the palm of your hand.

Browse and apply for roles, day or night, book shifts and start earning.

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Jobs tailored to your profile

Get matched with the jobs you want, based on your skills, experience, and preferences.

Choose roles at market leading companies and independent businesses, across retail, industrial, hospitality, facilities management, and more.

Customize your job search based upon location, duration, work schedule, desired pay rate, and skills.

Roles and industries

Unlock the best opportunities

We believe in rewarding our top performers with the best work opportunities.

We invite businesses to rate the performance of our Flexers after every shift, with those scoring a maximum of five stars receiving first option for future roles with that business.

Access your pay quicker

Choose when you get paid, with Same Day Pay. Up to 50% of your wages are available an hour after you complete your shift, perfect for dealing with unexpected emergencies or buying groceries.

Any outstanding earnings are paid weekly, as standard.

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Medical Plan


Life Insurance


Dental Insurance


Eye Care


Short-Term Disability


Minimum Essential Coverage

Earn medical benefits

Flexers are eligible to enroll for the Essential Staffcare supplemental fixed indemnity plans as of date of hire. Our Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan pays a flat amount for each covered claim such as doctor’s office visits, x-rays, lab work, and more. We also offer dental and vision insurance plans along with other essential coverages.

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