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What type of jobs are available on Indeed Flex?

What are the requirements to join Indeed Flex?

Can I use Indeed Flex as a long-term career solution?

Can I still find work with Indeed Flex even though I have limited experience and skills?

Is Indeed Flex suitable for students?

How soon can I start working for Indeed Flex?

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What locations does Indeed Flex have jobs in?

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How can I get started with Indeed Flex?

How do I download the app?

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How do I get verified?

How do I get verified to work through Indeed Flex?

Can I get verified even if there are no jobs in my area?

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What do I need to prepare before the interview?

Do I have to interview for each role?

What is an I-9?

Do I need an authorized representative to complete the I-9 form?

Can I be my own authorized representative?

What should I expect when uploading I-9 documents?

How will I know what is required for the background check?

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How do I book a job?

Booked, Offered, and Applied: What’s the difference?


How do I get paid for the jobs I complete through Indeed Flex?

Can I get paid daily?

How can I view my paystubs?

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