Maintaining a full course load can be challenging even under optimal circumstances. Homework, social commitments, and maintaining vital life functions fills most college students’ time. Add the necessity of work to that, and it can be down right difficult. 

Did you know that 70 percent of full time students also work? Not surprisingly, another study shows that 70% of college students are also stressed about finances. It’s no coincidence that those two statistics mirror each other. More often than not, st

ress is counterproductive. Bearing that in mind, stress is reported as the number one impediment to academic performance.

Finding jobs that work around a full-time course load can be tricky at best and stressful at worst. That’s where Indeed Flex comes in.

Indeed Flex to the Rescue

Flex is the keyword when it comes to what makes Indeed Flex different from traditional employment services. Indeed Flex allows workers to call the shots. Unlike traditional employment agencies, YOU choose your pay andYOU choose where you work. Most important of all, YOU choose WHEN you work. 

Need extra cash? Book a shift in your down time.

Want to learn new things? Try working shifts at different companies.

Slammed with homework? Don’t book a shift until you’re ready!

Indeed Flex allows students to work while eliminating and minimizing many stressors related to employment.

Becoming a Flexer is Easy

Becoming part of the Flex community is easy and can all be done from your smartphone. 

  1. Download the Indeed Flex app in the Apple app store or the Google play store. 
  2. Set up your profile and schedule an interview. Interviews can be conducted over the phone, virtually, or in person depending on preference. 
  3. After you’re verified, set your in-app work preferences – location, schedule, desired pay, and availability.
  4. Start searching for shifts instantly!

You can find and book shifts at a time and pace that fit your schedule. 

Gain Practical Experience 

Indeed Flex allows students to work a variety of shifts, at a variety of places. Gain an edge on post graduation competition by expanding first-hand experience. Working shifts with Indeed Flex also gives students practical time-management experience. This allows students to finish college with both the classes and the real-life experience needed to start the next chapter in life with a well-rounded resume and stronger professional social network.

Are you an Indeed Flexer with a college student in your life? Are you a student Flexer with other student friends? Take advantage of the Indeed Flex referral program to share all the Flex-vantages with a friend.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to give Indeed Flex a try, download the app today, and start working as soon as tomorrow! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Take care,

The Indeed Flex Team