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Get paid your way – choose between our regular weekly pay every Friday, or seize the freedom of Same Day Pay. With Same Day Pay, you can get up to 50% of your wages as soon as an hour after you clock-out of your shift.

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Like helping friends? If you’re enjoying the flexibility of Indeed Flex, invite a friend to join. You’ll both earn a $75 bonus after working the required shifts. Just go to the app and tap Profile > My Settings > Refer a Friend > Share My Code to find your unique code. Then send the code to your friend. Easy.

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Indeed Flex prioritizes the holistic wellbeing and financial security of Flexers, offering a robust suite of benefits ranging from a Fidelity 401k plan to diverse insurance coverages for health, dental, and vision. These offerings not only safeguard against unforeseen events but also empower Flexers to invest in their present and future health and wealth. Through these tailored benefits, Indeed Flex demonstrates a deep commitment to the success and well-being of its community.


Indeed Flex offers a Fidelity 401k plan for Flexers, with immediate 100% vesting. Employees can contribute up to $22,500 in 2023. Flexers can enroll online or by phone shortly after their first paycheck.


Flex offers insurance plans including Fixed Indemnity for common medical expenses, Dental Insurance for various procedures, and Vision Insurance for eye care. Additionally, term life insurance and short-term disability insurance are available.


Indeed Flex's Fixed Indemnity Plan covers the most common medical expenses at an easy-to-afford price, complemented by the Vision and Dental Plans, showcasing a commitment to employee wellbeing.

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