When should I submit worked hours on the portal and download the weekly CSV timesheet file?

Last updated on 19 February 2024

Approved hours should be updated on the portal and submitted consistently throughout the week once a shift is complete – you may wish to follow the below structure (hours cannot be updated if they have already been approved by the client):
  • Friday – submit hours for shifts completed Mon-Thurs
  • Monday – submit hours for shifts completed Fri-Sun
On the right hand column on the timesheet page you can update hours after you have reviewed the shift/break times and amended where required. The timesheet CSV can be exported directly from your portal any time after the timesheet approval deadline (midnight Tuesday). The Agency Operations team will send you a PO and any supplementary timesheets containing any off-platform amendments (if applicable) on a Wednesday before 12pm. The deadline for client timesheet approval is Tuesday 23:59, therefore you will not be able to download the approved hours until after this point.
  • To download the CSV file, please go to the timesheet page by clicking the 'Timesheet' button on the top left of your portal homepage.
  • Use the date range filter to select the previous week (make sure the start day is Monday and the finish day Sunday). Use the 'Export CSV' option to download the timesheet.