I really like some of the staff I’ve hired and I want them to work for me again. How do I add them to ‘My Staff’?

Last updated on 19 February 2024

Flexers' is your venue pool of favourite Indeed Flex workers who will have priority access to your shift. You can add workers to your pool of staff in two ways. Workers will be automatically added when you rate them 5* after a shift. You can also add workers manually by going to the Flexer screen. Select 'Add Indeed Flex Staff'. You can browse and add Flexers, filtered by job roles. You can access your pool of favourite Flexers from the 'Flexers' page. You can remove a Flexer from your pool of staff by going into 'Flexer', searching for the worker you'd like to remove, selecting the worker and scrolling down to 'Remove worker from Indeed Flex staff'.