How do I book a job?

Last updated on 19 February 2024

You can view available shifts two ways:
  • Browse tab

On the ‘browse’ tab, you’ll see everything available according to the preferences you set on your profile. To refine your search, you can add more filters. You may come across shifts that require you to apply to work with the client. If so, once you’ve applied, you’ll need to wait to receive an offer, so keep tabs on your inbox and notifications.

  • My Jobs tab
    1. Look on the ‘offered’ tab, under ‘my jobs,’ to see available shifts to book immediately.
    2. Select the shift you want and tap ‘book shift.’ It will then show in the ‘booked’ tab.
Make sure you read through the description thoroughly, so you understand what that shift entails, if you can get to the location, and if you have the correct uniform. To learn about booking shifts, watch this short video or read more here.