What is Sick Time?

Through the California Paid Sick Leave Law, employees are entitled to at least 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, starting from their first day of employment. For example, an employee working 40 hours per week will accrue 1.33 hours of paid sick leave each week.


How Can I Earn More Sick Time Hours? 

By working additional shifts in California, employees can accrue more paid sick leave, which they can claim through the Indeed Flex app.


How Can I Claim Sick Time? What is the Maximum Limit per Day? 

In California, claiming sick time is a simple process, which can be completed through the Indeed Flex app, with Flexers able to claim up to 8 hours of sick time per day. 

To claim sick time, select the region and tap ‘Claim Time Off’, which you can get to by tapping Profile > Sick Time Off > Time Balance Screen, which will take you to a similar screen as shown below:

Choose any date in the past or future and the number of hours you want to claim for that date. You can add more days and hours if required. 

Please note that you cannot claim more than 8 hours per day or more than the total available balance.

Once all details are entered, tap ‘Claim Sick Time’ and your claim will be submitted. You can then view that claim in the ‘Recent Claims’ section.


How Do I Check my Available Sick Time Balance?

In the app, simply tap Profile > Sick Time Off, and you’ll then be directed to the Time Balance screen, where you can view the sick time balance for each region in California.


How Do I Check Unpaid Claims

If any claims are outstanding and haven’t been paid by your Indeed Flex, they’ll be listed in the Recent Claims section, which you can find under Profile > Sick Time Off > Recent Claims. This section displays the claims made for each region, along with the date and the number of hours you claimed.

You have the option to cancel a claim and get a refund for that sick time.


When Will I Get Paid?

Once we receive your request for sick time, your claim will be paid on the next payroll date after that point. If you’re claiming for a date in the past, this will also be paid on the next payroll date.


How Much Will I Be Paid?

You’ll be paid based on the highest rate you’ve earned across the last 52 weeks, so if that was, for example, $15, you’ll be paid $15 for each hour of sick time you claim.


Can I Cancel My Sick Time If I Don’t Need It?

Yes, it’s a simple process to cancel a sick time claim which hasn’t been paid by your employer/Indeed Flex. Just go to Profile > Sick Time Off > Time Balance > Recent Claims > Cancel Claim (Cross Button).

If you can’t see the claim in the ‘Recent Claims’ section, it has already been paid by Indeed Flex, and therefore can’t be canceled.


Where Can I View My Previously Claimed Sick Time?

Currently, you can only see unpaid claims in the ‘Recent Claims’ section (Profile > Sick Time Off > Recent Claims). If you need a list of all the claims you’ve made in the past, please contact support, via Live Chat or by emailing [email protected]


Do I Need to Notify My Employer About My Sick Leave?

Once you submit your claim, we’ll review the request and let the employer know if it falls during your booked shifts. We don’t need you to send any kind of notification to the employer.