Find out how Fair Park reached a 90% fulfillment rate across their multi-venue event space

Texas, US

The background

Fair Park has a wide range of cultural, historical, and entertainment venues; playing host to visitors from around the world every day of the year. Having a platform that gives them the necessary visibility and control over their temp workers was essential.

The main benefit of switching to Flex was the visibility and control over what we were spending our money on” – Matt Murphy, Operations Manager at Fair Park

The challenges

  • Not having enough visibility over agency spend
  • Lack of control over which workers were being sent to work
  • Finding workers up to the standards they require

The solution

Smart matching to quality workers

Control and choice

Ratings and worker pools

The results


90% Shift fulfilment rate


93% Repeat worker rate


5/5 Stars average worker rating

“Having control and choice has had a big positive impact. With other companies, you would just get whoever they send. With Indeed Flex, we are able to be in control and also maintain the quality of what we need”

Matt Murphy, Operations Manager at Fair Park

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