Why Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex’s Workforce Management Software is empowering top-performing businesses to create and manage their workforce. We know that every organization is unique, so regardless of the industry, location, or size, our workforce management SaaS platform moulds to the nuances of any business.

Automate Laborious Administrative HR Tasks

Leave No Room for Human Error with Digital Compliance

Fill Gaps by Choosing from a Pool of Flexible Workers

Engage your Workforce Instantly

How it works

Build Your Employee Schedules in Seconds

You didn’t get into this line of work to spend hours each week compiling employee schedules. Our easy-to-use technology makes this laborious task instant. Whether you employ 10 or 100,000 staff, our scheduling tool gives you total visibility over employee availability, ensuring you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

How it works

Monitor Employee Time and Attendance

It’s never been easier to track employee time and attendance. With automated timesheets, a clock in & out scanner on the Indeed Flex mobile app, and automated data collection, your staffing managers can spend less time on paperwork and more time achieving wider strategic goals.

How it works

Take the Pain Out of Compliance

If there’s one area where you don’t want to leave room for human error, it’s compliance. Mistakes are costly and can be damaging to your bottom line. Indeed Flex automates all the important compliance procedures and reporting.

How it works

Instantly Fill Gaps with Motivated Flexers

Unlike many Workforce Management Solutions, Indeed Flex provides an abundance of nationwide access to experienced and motivated candidates. We don’t hire just anybody. Only 20% of applicants are accepted onto the platform after a thorough interview and onboarding process. This includes all the important right-to-work checks and essential training.

How it works

A Partnered Approach

We offer a white-label solution which can be tailored to your brand’s needs.

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