Boost Your Facilities Management Staffing Team

With increasing importance on workplace hygiene post-Covid-19, it’s important to keep your facilities management team staffed at all times. Did you know...

Heather Cox

24 January 2022

5 min read

With increasing importance on workplace hygiene post-Covid-19, it’s important to keep your facilities management team staffed at all times. Did you know you can book Cleaners via Indeed Flex? Every Flexer has been interviewed to ensure they are qualified for their roles. Read further to understand our facilities management staff offering.

Varied staffing roles

As facilities management is a diverse field with a range of responsibilities, which are dependent on the structure and size of your organization, we understand that you may need employees who can cover a broad range of tasks as well as those who specialize in key areas of the business.  The range of facilities management services we offer means you can hire for any role that helps support the general maintenance and smooth running of your business. We cover everything from office cleaning, retail cleaning, kitchen cleaning, industrial cleaning, door staff, security, front desk and building management. Every worker on our platform has a professional background in the roles they apply for, meaning they can take on assigned tasks without any hassle, leaving you to get on with running the rest of your business.

Ensuring high staff performance standards

When it comes to hiring facilities management roles, employers need trained and experienced employees that are able to meet the complex demands of modern business premises. However, finding high-quality workers, particularly at short notice, has proved to be a sizable challenge. Here at Indeed Flex, we have built a pool of fully vetted commercial cleaners and facility management workers, available to hire on-demand or ahead of time. You can pick and choose who you hire or we can connect you with top-rated and experienced staff, taking the hassle out of finding a quality hire. 

Our professional team members will provide you with quality facilities management services and are able to successfully carry out their duties and have a positive impact on the business with little input from you. So no matter your circumstances or need for a temporary hire, you can rest easy knowing that our Indeed Flex team members will be there to support your business as and when you need them.

Guaranteed legal compliance and fully vetted staff

Going through the process of hiring staff can often take a lot of time and resources. Hours can be spent filtering through applications and checking and verifying experience. With Indeed Flex, all the hassle of finding a quality hire is done for you. We conduct onboarding sessions for new Flexers, in which we interview all workers face-to-face, check their skills and experience, and verify their right to work and licenses. Workers can only claim shifts once they’ve passed onboarding.

This way you can trust that from your very first booking you’ll be employing from a high-quality staffing pool.  Once you’ve booked your Indeed Flex employee they’ll confirm their availability before each and every shift, giving you the peace of mind that you have the cover you need and no risk of no shows. We also automate all the paperwork and payroll, making it so much easier for you to get on with higher priority tasks.

Time and cost-effective

If you’re looking to quickly hire a facilities worker or a whole team of facility management employees then temporary staffing is going to be the most time and cost-effective solution. Managing a site or building takes a lot of dedication and experience, which is why all of our members are vetted face to face, meet full compliance and are trained to be able to hit the ground running as soon as they start. Finding a full-time employee that ticks every box on your list can take a lot of time and money, especially when going through expensive agencies.

But Indeed Flex cuts costs for businesses by connecting employers and workers directly, removing the overheads associated with staffing of the past. There’s also a very transparent fees structure and full cost breakdown before booking, as well as being able to download financial reports to keep track of costs. Plus you have full control of who you hire via the app, in addition to support from our team, which is available daily. If you’re going through a busy period and need extra support, don’t have the time to commit to training a full-time employee or need to hire someone as a stop-gap before someone else comes on board then you can rest assured that your Indeed Flex employee will have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. 

On-demand access

With Indeed Flex, you’re able to create jobs 24/7 and hire staff immediately. So whether your building manager has called in sick, you need a skilled commercial cleaner to clean up after an event, or are unexpectedly short of staff at the last minute, with Indeed Flex you’re able to create shifts in minutes and have it filled in seconds. 

Within the app you’re able to save shifts as templates, so on those days that you’re really busy and need an extra pair of hands as soon as possible, you can simply post the job again and have someone on board instantly. This will save you time having to rewrite and create job descriptions, as well as take some of the stress away from being understaffed. In addition, if you find an Indeed Flex staff member that you’re really impressed by then you can add them to your dedicated worker pool so you have easy access to them if you’d like to hire them again. This means you can hire the same employee time and time again. 

So if you’re an employer looking for better quality and a more efficient staffing solutions, then look no further. Get in touch with us today and start experiencing the benefits of Indeed Flex temporary staffing.