Bridging the mismatch between supply and demand in the human resources market

A recent article by Recruit Holdings explored how Indeed Flex has evolved and expanded through our partnership. “Indeed acquired Syft, a UK-based...

Indeed Flex

3 November 2022

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A recent article by Recruit Holdings explored how Indeed Flex has evolved and expanded through our partnership. “Indeed acquired Syft, a UK-based staffing platform in 2019. The company has evolved and expanded its services for people seeking flexible work. This platform, which was rebranded as Indeed Flex to an external site in April of 2021, became simpler and faster through the synergy of Recruit Group’s cutting-edge HR-matching technology and high-quality registered temp staff.”  

Looking closer at the temporary labor market

More people than ever have turned to temporary work, particularly since the rise of the cost of living crisis. It’s a means to top up their income and – thanks to Indeed Flex – can fit nicely around their lifestyle.  “Novo Constare, CEO and co-founder of Indeed Flex, said, “Temporary work is particularly popular among students, who enjoy the freedom to pick and choose the shifts that dovetail with their lectures and deadlines. Many also find that doing a variety of different jobs and meeting different people can be very rewarding, as well as providing valuable, practical experience that will boost their employment prospects once they graduate.” Turning this rise in temp workers into an opportunity, employers are showing an increased interest in this flexible resource.  “Temp workers have also become vital to current business needs, according to Novo. “Those taking on extra shifts, or doing temporary work for the first time are also proving to be a lifeline for businesses struggling to find enough staff to fill vacancies. Temp enables employers to fill shifts at short notice and cover staff absences while also providing vital extra support during busy periods,” he said.”  

Fighting against the staffing shortage with intelligent technology that supports both workers and employers

The Indeed Flex platform has created a balance between workers and employers that enables both parties to have control and choice.  

For employers…

“It makes the process of applying, screening and interviewing far simpler and faster. This enables employers to fill upcoming shifts in a timely manner, especially for simple jobs that do not require complex skills.”  

For workers…

“Registered workers (Flexers) can complete all the processes on the Indeed Flex smartphone app, from applying for and confirming a shift assignment to managing bank account designation for their salary transfers.”  

Growing in the U.S. with the help of Recruit Group’s, Staffmark Group

With the labor market in the U.S. in an unprecedented state of staffing shortage, Indeed Flex is working towards a solution.  Stacey Lane, CEO of Staffmark Group has stepped up to the challenge as General Manager for Indeed Flex U.S.  “Through the power of collaboration, we’re combining great tech and great talent to create more opportunity,” said Stacey. Specifically, with its well-established position in the market, Staffmark supplies its candidates, as well as enterprise clients, to Indeed Flex.” Teamwork and synergy are pushing the project forward with the aim of making an easier, more accessible and quicker recruitment process.  “Together, we’re changing the future of work – Stacey Lane” 

You can view the full article here.