Five Ways a Vendor Management System Benefits Staffing Suppliers

Many staffing firms are reluctant to embrace a Vendor Management System. Let’s explore five ways staffing firms will see incredible benefits from...

Heather Cox

25 February 2022

3 min read

Many staffing firms are reluctant to embrace a Vendor Management System. Let’s explore five ways staffing firms will see incredible benefits from this platform.

What is a Vendor Management System (VMS)?

Vendor Management System (VMS) technology was created to streamline the procurement of staffing talent. This offered a number of benefits to businesses – from increased visibility of their staffing spend and reduced complexity to the elimination of human error through automation.  A VMS can benefit staffing firms just as much as it does businesses, making them more efficient and effective – and ultimately more lucrative!  

1. More efficient staffing processes

A VMS will help streamline your staffing process and ensure quality and compliance are consistent. In a competitive landscape, staffing suppliers must provide the best possible experience to businesses. However, as organizations increase their reliance on external workers, many suppliers struggle to ensure rapid responses and consistent communication. 

A VMS is, therefore, a vital tool. It enables staffing suppliers to work more efficiently, consolidating their process and allowing firms to configure the platform to fit their specific needs and workflow.

  • Match candidates more efficiently
  • Fix communication gaps
  • An automated hiring lifecycle
  • A lower time-to-hire is directly correlated with a lower cost-per-hire, according to recent research.


2. Greater visibility of performance

With clearer data, staffing suppliers are empowered to improve their strategies and processes. Many suppliers struggle to properly quantify their efforts. Even those that generate data on various elements of their process tend to lack a centralized platform that can be used to create a full picture of their performance. A VMS offers the perfect solution, enabling suppliers to understand and respond to their current performance using granular, highly reliable data.

  • Track performance in real-time
  • Optimize based on data, not intuition
  • Unlock new business opportunities

Less than 1 in 4 staffing companies say that key metrics are available to everyone in their HR team.  

3. Enhanced invoicing

Suppliers can save time and money by integrating and automating timesheets. Invoicing requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of both suppliers and businesses. Many businesses still operate using cumbersome manual timesheet processes – which create unnecessary complexity and room for error.

  • Get rid of manual timesheets
  • Provide more options
  • Increased compliance 
  • Digital timesheets save businesses 5% of their total staffing expenditure by avoiding human error and payroll spillage.

4. Better client relations

A VMS improves communication and collaboration between suppliers and their clients. For many staffing suppliers, managing relations with your business partners can be challenging. A good relationship is essential, as it builds trust and ultimately ensures that the business will continue coming to you to fulfill their staffing needs.

  • Improved communication
  • Track the process easily
  • Enable clients to reach out with ease
  • 68% of large companies are consolidating their staffing suppliers – and 29% more say they plan to. A strong, reliable relationship is key for staffing suppliers to ensure they are the supplier of choice.

5. Increased Business Opportunity

Staffing suppliers can grow their business more effectively using a VMS. Vendor Management Systems clearly provide a number of benefits in terms of improved processes and relations. However, many suppliers don’t realize that they can actually help you promote growth.

  • Receive more requisitions
  • Forecast demand and planning proactively
  • See future job postings in advance
  • The average cost saving achieved by implementing a Supplier Management solution is 12%.

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