Black History Month Spotlight

At Indeed Flex, we truly believe that we are one team strengthened by our uniqueness. Part of that means ensuring diversity and...

Heather Cox

26 January 2023

2 min read

At Indeed Flex, we truly believe that we are one team strengthened by our uniqueness. Part of that means ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In recognition of Black History Month, a few of our internal employees have volunteered to share their thoughts surrounding their experiences and the impact diversity in the workplace played on their own careers. 

Novo Constare, Indeed Flex CEO and Co-Founder

Growing up in London, a huge melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, I have always naturally worked with and built incredibly diverse teams, which has given me a strong understanding of the importance of diversity of thought and experience. To achieve great and innovative things, different perspectives are needed to shape the final solution that can impact everyone, not just people like you.”

Najmah H., Senior Flexer Experience

“‘What diversity advocates are working for is an industry that honestly, accurately, and equitably represents the world we live in.’* This is how my day-to-day interactions are at work. We represent the world.” *Mike Jung, author of Unidentified Suburban Object      

Jacob M., Credit Control Manager

“Indeed Inc. and Indeed Flex have created a culture of inclusion that made me feel comfortable being myself since the first day I started in 2019. That is not something I had the luxury of experiencing with other employers. Working for a company that leads with inclusivity encourages employees to feel safe expressing themselves regardless of their background or identity. Diversity in the workplace has been essential to me in fostering creativity and innovation. A diverse workplace in terms of race, gender, age, culture, and skillset creates an environment where everyone can contribute their unique perspectives and experiences to the team. It also allows for greater collaboration between different departments and teams as they have access to a variety of ideas and opinions. Ultimately, diversity in the workplace is beneficial not only for businesses but also for society at large.”  

Nevels, Account Manager

“While working at Indeed Flex, it has been a great advantage to have experienced such a genuine work environment but an even more remarkable opportunity in having the ability to interact with colleagues from different cultures and build amazing relationships that have taught me so much more about diversity than I could’ve ever asked for!”