2 in 3 Workers Aged 55 and Older are Open to Flexible Work

April 20, 2023

Survey shows 79% of experienced workers believe temporary work is beneficial to their health


AUSTIN, TX – APRIL 20, 2023 – Workers ages 55 and older are satisfied with the extra income and health benefits flexible work arrangements offer, according to a new survey1 from Indeed Flex, the digital platform for flexible and temporary workers. The survey finds that a majority of those experienced workers (66%) are open to flexible work. The top reasons workers ages 55 and older pursue flexible work include extra retirement income (45%), schedule flexibility (23%), more time with family (14%), benefits (7%) and job stability (6%).

“Flexible work is a perfect fit for experienced workers as it allows them the freedom to choose when and how they want to work, which can have lasting, positive benefits on their mental and physical health,” says Stacey Lane, general manager of Indeed Flex U.S. “It also allows them the financial freedom to support their families, travel or pursue the activities they’re most passionate about.”

Financial and health benefits of flexible work 

For many experienced workers, flexible work arrangements offer stability, confidence, and reliability at a time of rising economic uncertainty and a tight labor market. This in return can have a positive and significant effect on workers’ well-being and health. The survey, which explores why experienced workers are turning to flexible work, found that workers find temporary work enhances their productivity (84%) and benefits their mental/physical health (79%). Additionally, half (50%) of experienced workers say temporary work makes them feel more productive and/or happier. 

Preferred flexible work schedules for experienced workers

When it comes to flexible work, experienced workers prefer working morning shifts (45%) and part-time hours (79% prefer less than six hours per week). While many respondents are open to in-person temporary work arrangements (75%), most prefer remote opportunities (67%). 

About Indeed Flex

Formerly known as Syft, Indeed Flex is an innovative staffing platform providing job seekers with the fastest way to find temporary work that fits their lifestyles. The company is committed to empowering job seekers through ownership, control, and choice over where, when, and for whom they work. 

Through the convenience of our easy-to-use smartphone app, Indeed Flex connects job seekers with some of the brightest, market-leading brands in the UK and US, offering a broad choice of immediately available short and long-term temporary jobs across multiple sectors in locations that span both countries. For more information, visit www.indeedflex.com or contact [email protected].


1 Indeed Flex surveyed 1,000 U.S. workers from 48 states