Introducing Same Day Pay

Indeed Flex has teamed up with Branch to get you paid faster! This exciting new feature delivers on-demand pay advances of up to 50% of your paycheck. Get started, and enroll with Branch.

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To get a pay advance from Indeed Flex, you must sign up for Branch using the same email address you use for Indeed Flex.

How will I be eligible for Same Day Pay?

  1. You must clock in and out of your shift from within the Indeed Flex app.
  2. You must have geolocation enabled on your phone.
  3. You must be enrolled in Branch.
  4. Your shift must be on the Indeed Flex app.

Where does my money go after I cash out?

Sign up now using the same email you use for Indeed Flex for on-demand pay advances of up to 50% of your paycheck. Receiving pay in advance means you will receive payment to a Branch digital wallet as soon as one hour after you’ve completed your shift. Your money will be available to spend immediately from your Branch digital wallet or you can also move funds from your Branch digital wallet to:

  • Google or Apple Pay immediately for free
  • Another bank within 3-5 business days for free

Need additional help? Check out Branch App Support.

If you do not wish to receive payment into a Branch digital wallet at all, you should not proceed with “Cash Out.”

You will be paid normally with money going to your direct deposit account on the next pay day.

What's a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is an FDIC-insured checking account. Branch operates the same as any other big name bank. It’s an FDIC-insured checking account that allows users to store and transfer funds as well as spend and track payment history. 

You have the option to get a physical card as well if you don’t want to go the digital route.


How do I use the funds in my digital wallet?

Branch offers free, flexible spending. You can save, spend or send the money in your Branch digital wallet to any bank. 

Some options may include: 

Branch Debit Card FREE
Apple / Google Pay FREE
Visit an in-network ATM (55,000+ available) FREE
ACH transfer to another account

(Transfer takes 3-5 business days)

Make an online payment with your Branch routing and account numbers FREE
Select cash back at participating retailers FREE
Connect to your favorite financial apps

(Ex: Venmo, PayPal, etc.)

Instant transfer to another Bank $2.99-$4.99

Do I need to reset my direct deposit account information?

No, you do not need to reset your direct deposit information to reflect your Branch account in the Indeed Flex app. You will still be able to receive a pay advance regardless of this. 

When is the cut-off time each week to get Same Day Pay with Branch?

Advances must be taken before Sunday at 12:00 am within the same workweek as shifts are worked. Otherwise, payroll resets at Sunday 12:00 am, and you will be paid for those shifts the following Friday. Days left until the pay period resets will be reflected in the Branch app.

How do I update my email address on file with Branch?

To update your email address on file, please contact Branch Support here with the following information:

    • First and Last name
    • The phone number on the account
    • Email address on the account
    • The new email address you would like on your account
    • Last four digits of your SSN
    • Date of birth
    • Full billing address
    • Your employer/payer 
    • The merchant and dollar amount of your last Branch Wallet purchase

Important to Note: There is no self service option to update your email on file. All information requested above will be needed in order to make any necessary updates to the email on file.

How do I update my phone number on file with Branch?

If you got a new phone number and are trying to access your Branch account, here’s how you can regain access and update your profile with your new number:

    1. Tap Log In
    2. Under Got a new number? select Find Account
    3. Enter your old phone number
    4. Enter your 6-digit passcode
    5. Enter the code that was sent to your email on file along with your new phone number
      • If you don’t have an email address associated with your account, you’ll be prompted to call the support line directly.
    6. Select Verify & Update


If you’re logged in, you can change your phone number through the app!

    1. Navigate to the Account tab
    2. Tap Profile
    3. Select Update next to the phone number on file
    4. Enter your new phone number

Important to Note: If you have a new phone number do not attempt to create a new account. Branch only allows one active account per user. If you have already created a second account with your new phone number, submit a form here.

I'm having issues linking my account. What should I do?

You must use the same email and phone number you used for Indeed Flex. If  you get a new number, make sure it’s updated with both Indeed Flex and Branch.

I edited my time after I clocked out. Can I use Same Day Pay?

If you edit your time after you clock out, it will make you ineligible for Same Day Pay that day until your edited clock-in and clock-out has been approved.

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