My workers are running late for their booked shift, or can’t make it in at all. What should I do?

Last updated on 19 February 2024

If a worker is running late you will need to inform the Operations team with the expected arrival time of the worker – this way we can let the client know. After the shift is complete, you will need to adjust the hours on the timesheet page on the portal to the correct start time before submitting them. If a worker is late to a shift they do risk being sent home without pay. If a worker can no longer make a shift, if you can find a replacement worker to complete the shift before the start time please update this on the portal – if it is last minute let the Agency Operations team know. If you have a replacement worker but the shift has already started and they will be late, please ask the Agency Operations team if the client is happy for a new worker to come in later and mark the original worker as a no-show on the portal. If you do not have a replacement worker, please let the Agency Operations team know and return the shift if it is before the start time – If the start time of the shift has passed before you find out the worker cannot make it, please follow the no-show procedure and mark the candidate as a no-show on the platform.