We’ve improved the clock in and out process: see what’s changed

We’re always looking to take on board feedback and improve your experience as a Flexer, so we’re pleased to announce that we’ve...

Indeed Flex

17 October 2023

3 min read

We’re always looking to take on board feedback and improve your experience as a Flexer, so we’re pleased to announce that we’ve updated the clocking in and out process on the app; simplifying it and making it far more visual.

So, what’s actually changed within the app?

1. You’ll now see a countdown timer, showing how long you’ve got until your next shift starts. You’ll only be able to clock in a maximum of one hour beforehand. 2. You can then clock in, and the app will request permission to access your location services. This is to ensure that your hours are recorded accurately and that you can also access our Same Day Pay service. 3. The countdown timer previously mentioned will show, throughout your shift, how long you have left until you can clock out. 4. When you clock out, the exact hours you’ve worked will be shown on screen, so there’s no disputing that you completed the full shift (feel free to take a screenshot, if you like). If you forget to clock out, you’ll be sent a reminder to do so. 5. If you still forget to clock out (sometimes it happens – you’re busy, we get it) then you’ll automatically be clocked out 8 hours after your shift ends. And that’s it – nice and simple.

How does this change benefit me?

We never make changes for the sake of it – they’re always with you, the Flexer, in mind. So we know you’ll want to find out just how these improvements to the clocking in and out process will be of benefit to you. Here’s how:

  • It avoids the frustrating scenario whereby you attempt to clock in too early
  • It makes it much harder for there to be any errors when clocking in and out
  • It allows you to review the hours you’ve worked, within the app, and ensure that they’re correct and that you’re happy with what’s displayed
  • Because you can only use this method with location services switched on, it guarantees you access to Same Day Pay
  • It’s quicker than waiting in line to have your on-screen QR code scanned in by the employer
  • It’s just simpler: tap, tap, tap – job done!

What about the old ways of clocking in?

For the time being, you may find that some employers still require you to have your on-screen QR code manually scanned or that you have to scan an on-site QR code, stuck to the wall. However, we hope to phase this out in the near future, giving you just the one, simple way of clocking in and out of shifts. We hope you like the changes we’ve made and that they improve your experience of using the app. As always, thank you for your continued hard work.