How to Get More Jobs and Make Your Profile Shine

First impressions are everything, and your Indeed Flex profile is no exception. Putting together an awesome profile is the best way to...

Heather Cox

24 January 2022

4 min read

First impressions are everything, and your Indeed Flex profile is no exception. Putting together an awesome profile is the best way to get more job offers with Indeed Flex. An informative, comprehensive and up-to-date profile makes you more appealing to companies who are choosing which Flexers they believe they can trust to represent their brand. Luckily, making your profile stand out is easy!  

Consider to your profile picture

Your profile picture is the most prominent feature when employers are Flexing, so make it a good one. A simple, up-to-date headshot is best, and a profile photo that reflects how you’ll look on shift is ideal. Don’t forget to smile. Everyone likes to see a happy face smiling back at them.

Tell who you are

Your personal description is your opportunity to tell employers a little more and really sell yourself. What’s your personality like? Are you a great multitasker or a natural-born leader? This is your chance to tell potential companies. If you have a particular skill you really want companies to notice, pop it into your description. Here are some examples of a less appealing description and a good personal description.

Unappealing description:Hard-working and from Austin.

What’s wrong with this description? If you’re a hard-working individual, that’s fantastic. Unfortunately, ‘hard-working’ isn’t going to make you stand out – that’s the least employers expect of you! Secondly, there isn’t a need to add your location into your description. Employers know you are local, or you wouldn’t have access to their shifts, so save the space for something a bit snappier.

Good personal description:I am a passionate mixologist with over 5 years experience working in many different venues and mixing many different drinks. I work well under pressure in busy environments, and I take pride in my work. I also work as a part-time Office Administrator. I enjoy traveling, reading, and walking my dog.

Isn’t that better? This Flexer has outlined their key skill and touched on relevant experience, while also giving a fun bit of background information about what they do in their spare time.

Keep your skills and experience updated

Indeed Flex makes it really easy to add your previous experience and this is invaluable to employers. Make sure it’s relevant.

Profile screen shot

If you worked in a customer call center but are looking for jobs as a waiter with Indeed Flex, how do the skills you learned in the call center apply to a waiting staff role? For example, you could say you developed communication skills and a flair for customer service. Previous experience is a great way to tell employers where you gained your skills.

Expand your time availability

Make sure you regularly update your availability if it changes, or you may miss out on shifts you might have liked to work. Also make sure you can definitely work a shift you’ve applied for, as a last-minute cancellation or no-show can result in a strike on your account.

Set your minimum pay rate to the lowest rate on the app

It’s really tempting to keep your minimum rate high so you only see jobs paying that rate or above but this reduces your opportunity to see all of the jobs available to you.

Apply for more jobs

The more jobs you apply for, the more likely you are to get offers. If you apply for a job but can no longer work when you get an offer, don’t worry. You are not committed until you accept the offer, so if plans change this will have no negative effect on you or your ratings. However, if you accept the offer and cancel within 24 hours, this may result in a strike. 

Get a shiny 5-star rating

Employers rate you at the end of each shift out of 5 stars, and future employers can see your previous ratings. Keeping a consistently high rating increases your chances of getting job offers drastically, and if an employer likes you, they may add you to their pool of workers giving you access to more regular work with them. 

Rate your shifts

Did you know that you can now rate the company you work for after each shift? This helps improve both your and other Flexers’ experience.

Learn more about rating your shifts!