Empowering agility: Maximizing the potential of a dynamic workforce

This eBook proposes a strategic solution to staffing, offering employers actionable insights for navigating the labor landscape in 2024.

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What’s included in the report:

As businesses anticipate a return to growth in 2024, leaders are cautiously optimistic, supported by promising data. However, the persistent risk of an economic downturn presents a strategic dilemma: should companies invest in expanding their workforce or maintain a conservative approach?

This eBook proposes a strategic alternative: adopting a blended workforce model that allows businesses to scale labor resources flexibly without the risks associated with full-time hires.

You will learn:

  • Analyzing the substantial increase in temporary worker utilization
  • The results of Indeed Flex’s recent HR, Ops and procurement leaders survey
  • Practical strategies for navigating the evolving labor landscape in 2024
  • How Indeed Flex uses tech to build a high-quality blended workforce

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