Why Indeed Flex

We deliver frictionless access to high-quality, pre-verified local workforces for market-leading companies through flexible staffing solutions.

Our innovative staffing platform and approach empowers employers with ownership of their staffing supply chain, the choice of a model that flexes to their organization’s unique needs, and all the data they need to make well-informed decisions.

Direct access to local candidates based on skills and preferences

Worker insights, performance tracking, and real-time visibility

Dedicated team committed to your needs

Why Indeed Flex

Top-Rated Flexers On-Demand

Not just anyone can become a Flexer. We hold 1:1 interviews with every applicant, ensuring consistently high-quality workers. Thanks to our smart platform, Flexers are matched with different skills, interests, and commitment preferences, enabling a fast and simple onboarding process for clients.

National Reach, Localized Solutions

With continuously expanding coverage across the country, you can find workers in your local area in just a few clicks. Thanks to on-demand access to bespoke datasets and worker/operational insights, we enable our partners to pivot quickly to market trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Your Dedicated Digital Staffing Partner

Through strategic planning and a bespoke approach, we flex to the nuances of any business. Our dedicated team of staffing experts enables our partners to pivot quickly to market trends. All this, plus the hiring insights and expertise from the world’s #1 job site

Powering exceptional workforces globally

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