Why Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex was born out of the desire to bring greater flexibility into working arrangements for workers and businesses. Whether it’s reacting to peaks in demand, seasonal fluctuations or project work, hiring temporary employees through the Indeed Flex Marketplace allows businesses to move with agility.

Post jobs 24/7 to our
ever-growing community
of Flexers

Find the right workers for your business

Automated compliance
and HR admin

Feel supported with around the clock assistance from our expert customer success team

Employers experience a 90% increase in shift fulfilment when workers choose their schedules.

Absenteeism costs businesses each year, driven by low employee engagement, burnout, and lack of work schedule flexibility. By putting job seekers first and leveraging technology and data, we enable workers to find the work they want. This means less worker onboarding for your team and higher productivity from your workforce.

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Hiring permanent employees costs on average $4,000 per hire.

Using temporary staff as an extension of your existing workforce is a cost effective solution to bring in specific skill sets at times when you need them most.

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Digital transformation is a core priority for any organization.

We offer digital solutions to the recruitment process, saving you time and money as well as helping your business reduce its carbon footprint. The Indeed Flex platform is your ticket into the modern age of recruitment.

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You concentrate on your core business and leave the boring stuff to us.

Indeed Flex automates all the important compliance procedures and reporting.

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How it works

Post Shifts

Describe shift details such as job description, location, and uniform so our Flexers can be prepared.

How it works

Book Staff

Browse Flexer profiles manually or use our smart matching tool to connect with the workers who are right for your business.

How it works

Flexers Arrive

Simply clock Flexers in and out of shifts using the in-app QR scanner.

How it works

Rate & Relax

After the shift, rate the Flexers and approve the digital timesheet. Build your own pool of your favorite flexible workers to partner with time and time again.

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