Written by Ava Quartucci, B2B Marketing Specialist

While work from home was a novel way of life prior to the pandemic, it is not going away anytime soon! You can trust your workers if you put systems in place and work with trusted partners like Indeed Flex. Indeed Flex assures success with proper vetting and interview processes to provide you with a skilled and proven worker pool.  Over 83% of employers agree that implementing work from home in their company has been successful in their workforce.

With Indeed Flex, you can trust your workforce will be professionally vetted and highly skilled in the areas you need to ensure a successful team. While permanent remote work isn’t always companies’ first option, implementing a flexible hybrid work style may provide an alternative option aimed at encouraging a healthy work life balance among your employees. By turning your workplace into a hybrid format (2:3 remote to in office work ratio), you can repurpose current office spaces as a communal space geared towards team building and socializing. 

According to recent data pulled from our Flex bookings, workers that completed a 4-8 hours shift have a better fulfillment rate compared to those who work 12 hour shifts. Workers who complete 4-8 hour shifts in clerical roles have a fulfillment rate of 72% and up to 60% better in Non-Clerical roles. Although, we understand that some roles outside of Clerical industry such as Facilities and Warehouse Management do not currently have the flexibility to offer hybrid opportunities.

However, there are benefits in allowing employees to choose their shifts and providing the opportunity for flexible scheduling. According to a survey at a temporary staffing firm on SHRM HR, over 80% of candidates are seeking job opportunities that offer flexible working hours.

In addition to improving employees’ work-life balance, implementing a flexible work environment can improve productivity in the workplace. With Indeed Flex services, you can provide your staff with a flexible work schedule that better fits their preferences and can ensure your productivity goals. 

Map of Workers

We understand you want a consistent workforce. However,  the pandemic and the Great Resignation has changed the landscape. Workers are pursuing job opportunities that provide them with flexibility in scheduling to strike an ideal work-life balance. With that in mind, we suggest a weekly block, a schedule that requires that same worker for the entire duration.  Individual bookings would allow workers to select only the portion of the shifts that would work best for their schedule  to allow more flexibility for your workforce to book shifts with you. 

With Indeed Flex, your company gains access to a pool of properly vetted, skilled workers who can provide a unique set of talents, enhance your productivity, and allow your company to grow with the changing talent market.